Graduated (53)
Basic Information
中文名 : 陈卓
Name : Zhuo Chen
Sex : Male
Graduated Year : 2019
Obtained Degree : Ph.D
First Job After Grad. : --
  1. Shaojuan Zhang, Zhuo Chen, Fei Huang, Yafei Wang and Meizhong Luo*. "F-Box Gene D5RF Is Regulated by Agrobacterium Virulence Protein VirD5 and Essential for Agrobacterium-Mediated Plant Transformation". International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 2020. 21 Full Text
  2. Yafei Wang, Shaojuan Zhang, Fei Huang, Xu Zhou, Zhuo Chen, Wei Peng and Meizhong Luo*. "VirD5 is required for efficient Agrobacterium infection and interacts with Arabidopsis VIP2". New Phytologist. 2018. 217: 726 - 738 Full Text