Graduated (53)
Basic Information
中文名 : 刘易楠
Name : Yinan Liu
Sex : Male
Graduated Year : 2012
Obtained Degree : MS
First Job After Grad. : 福州乐享自然工作室
  1. Tao Luo, Tingting Fan, Yinan Liu, Maxi Rothbart, Jing Yu, Shuaixiang Zhou, Bernhard Grimm and Meizhong Luo. "Thioredoxin redox-regulates ATPase activity of Mg chelatase CHLI subunit and modulates redox-mediated signaling in tetrapyrrole biosynthesis and homeostasis of reactive oxygen species in pea plants". Plant Physiol. 2012. 159: 118 - 130 Full Text