Graduated (53)
Basic Information
中文名 : 罗韬
Name : Tao Luo
Sex : Male
Graduated Year : 2012
Obtained Degree : Ph.D
First Job After Grad. : 南昌大学生命科学研究院副研究员
International Exchange
1. The 15th International Congress on Photosynthesis Research, Beijing, Aug. 22-27,2010
2. Visiting research in Berlin Humboldt University, Germany from 2011.3 to 2011.6
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  2. Jun Xu, Wentao Xiong, Baobao Cao, Tianze Yan, Tao Luo, Tingting Fan and Meizhong Luo. "Molecular characterization and functional analysis of “fruit‑weight2.2‑like” gene family in rice". Planta. 2013. 238: 643 - 655 Full Text
  3. Tao Luo, Sha Luo, Wagner L. Araújo, Hagen Schlicke, Maxi Rothbart, Jing Yu, Tingting Fan, Alisdair R. Fernie, Bernhard Grimm, and Meizhong Luo. "Virus-induced Gene Silencing of Pea CHLI and CHLD Affects Tetrapyrrole Biosynthesis, Chloroplast Development and the Primary Metabolic Network". Plant Phys Biochem. 2013. 65: 17 - 26 Full Text
  4. 余静,罗韬,罗美中. "利用酵母双杂交筛选豌豆叶绿体镁离子螯合酶D亚基相互作用蛋白". 中国生物化学与分子生物学报. 2011. 27: 864 - 872 PDF
  5. Tao Luo, Tingting Fan, Yinan Liu, Maxi Rothbart, Jing Yu, Shuaixiang Zhou, Bernhard Grimm and Meizhong Luo. "Thioredoxin redox-regulates ATPase activity of Mg chelatase CHLI subunit and modulates redox-mediated signaling in tetrapyrrole biosynthesis and homeostasis of reactive oxygen species in pea plants". Plant Physiol. 2012. 159: 118 - 130 Full Text