MS Stud (11) Ph.D Stud (8) Graduated (34)
Basic Information
中文名 : 戴钊钊
Name : Zhaozhao Dai
Sex : Male
Enter Year : 2014
For Degree : Ph.D
Previous School : Huazhong Agricultural University
Research Direction
Gene Library
I had studied in Huazhong Agricultural University and majoyed in veterinary for five years.
  1. Chao Wang, Xue Shi (Co-First), Lin Liu, Haiyan Li, Jetty S.S. Ammiraju, David A. Kudrna, Wentao Xiong, Hao Wang, Zhaozhao Dai, Yonglian Zheng, Jinsheng Lai, Weiwei Jin, Joachim Messing, Jeffrey L Bennetzen, Rod A. Wing, and Meizhong Luo. "Genomic Resources for Gene Discovery, Functional Genome Annotation, and Evolutionary Studies of Maize and Its Close Relatives". Genetics. 2013. 195: 723 - 737 PDF Full Text