Graduated (53)
Basic Information
中文名 : 曾海洋
Name : Haiyang Zeng
Sex : Female
Graduated Year : 2011
Obtained Degree : MS
First Job After Grad. : 武汉百态基因工程有限公司研发
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  2. Xue Shi, Haiyang Zeng, Yadong Xue and Meizhong Luo. "A Pair of New BAC and BIBAC Vectors that Facilitate BAC/BIBAC Library Construction and Intact Large Genomic DNA Insert Exchange". Plant Methods. 2011. 7: 33 PDF Full Text
  3. 曾海洋,罗美中. "拟南芥叶绿体血红素加氧酶AtHO1基因的克隆和多克隆抗血清制备". 华中农业大学学报. 2012. 31: 281 - 286 PDF