Graduated (53)
Basic Information
中文名 : 林海艳
Name : Haiyan Lin
Sex : Male
Enter Year : 2005
For Degree : Ph.D
Previous School : Huazhong Agricultural University
First Job After Grad. : BGI
Research Direction
 1) Fingerprint and sequence analysis
 2) Physical map construction
 3) Bioinformatic platform localization and development;
 4) Web construction and maintance
International Exchange
 1) Visited AGI, USA for fingerprint and sequence analysis for three months from 2007.11 to 2008.2  
 2) The PAG-XVI Conference, San Diego, Jan. 12-16, 2008
 2004.10-2004.12 中科院国家基因研究中心(上海)测序
 2005.10-2005.12 中科院国家基因研究中心(上海)测序
 2007.11-2008.02 Fingerprint and seqeunce analysis at AGI,US
 2011.04- Bioinformatics Center in Beijing Genomics Institution (BGI)
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  2. Yonglong Pan, Ying Deng, Haiyan Lin, David A. Kudrna, Rod A. Wing, Lijia Li, Qifa Zhang and Meizhong Luo. "Comparative BAC-based physical mapping of Oryza sativa ssp. indica var. 93-11 and evaluation of the two rice reference sequence assemblies". Plant Journal. 2014. 77: 795 - 805 Full Text
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